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 A Vision for a World Free of Racism and Bullying.

“His personal story made a strong impact on our teachers!"

Rebecca Marans, Head Teacher
DSC International School Hong Kong

“He appealed to the students and faculty and was amazing!."

Lynsey Mori
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Roger Grabowski, Jr.
Lakeland University Japan

"What a fantastic evening and thank you Kinota!"

Fumiko Takahashi

The University of Tokyo

“We are more motivated to stop racism and discrimination.”

“He did two presentations and it was a fantastic literacy day!"

 Lewis Eckersley

Head of Secondary
Atherton International School 
Geoje South Korea

“Kinota is an amazing speaker and has shared valuable lessons with us!"

 John Adduru, President 

Tokyo Association of International Preschools

Maiko Le Lay

Postdoctoral Fellow 
Duke University

"The real-life context that he can bring in addition to his books. "

Selena Hoy

Tokyo English Life Line

“We loved Kinota's personal touch when sharing his story!”

“I thought he was a great speaker and he moved teacher's feelings!"

 Sho Katsumoto, Principal 

Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool
Waseda Campus

David Foreman

Doshisha J.H.S

“If you are thinking of having Kinota come to your school I really recommend it!."

Sean Carroll

Seisen International School

"I would absolutely recommend having
Kinota come to your school."

“I read this book with students and I was really impressed!"

Nicholas Mayer

Nagoya International School

What I felt was an impactful and inspirational message!"

Brian J. Masshardt

Musashi University 

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