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"Breaking the Silence: One Book's Quest to End Bullying in Japanese Schools!"

In my conversations with Japanese people about the issue of school bullying in Japan, I often see a sense of shame and also pain in their eyes, which comes from either personal experiences with bullying or from knowing someone who has faced bullying.

When I share the fact that my daughter who is Japanese was targeted due to her skin color, many Japanese people express shock at the revelation.

This realization prompts thoughts about Japan's homogeneity and underscores the importance of embracing and respecting individuals from diverse cultures.

When I talk about my anti-bullying books and engagements at universities and schools, with the goal of improving the situation for all children in Japan.

All of the Japanese people that have spoken to or interacted with online truly appreciate my commitment, recognizing that, although not born here, I am dedicated to contributing to the country's betterment by ensuring that every child, Japanese or non-Japanese, can enjoy a happy school life.

And hey, if you're interested in checking out my books and diving deeper into the conversation, you can find them here on Amazon. Also, don't miss the article on NHK Ohayo Nippon for more insights.

Let's spread the message together!

Best wishes

Kinota Braithwaite

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