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"Empowering Minds: Connecting with International Schools in Japan to Foster Acceptance and Growth"

By Kinota Braithwaite, Anti-Racism and Anti-Bullying Youth Speaker

"I've been fortunate to connect with some amazing international schools right here in Japan. It's been a journey that's warmed my heart and made me think that someday there will be a world where every student walks into school knowing they're accepted just as they are.

When I speak at schools, what really catches my attention is how open the students are. They're not just listening; they're exploring new ideas, sharing their stories, and asking some very insightful questions.

Teachers have even shared that these talks have sparked ongoing discussions, creating spaces where every voice matters. To me, it is an honor to build a place where understanding and care can thrive.

Check out this video from a talk I gave at Horizon Japan International. The students' comments show what can happen when we come together for a shared goal.

Let's Start a Dialogue:

Principals and Teachers, I extend a heartfelt invitation to engage in open conversations. Together, let's address concerns, exchange ideas, and craft experiences that transcend. Let's embark on a journey to enrich minds and create a lasting positive impact on the lives of students.

Warm regards,

Kinota Braithwaite

A Vision for a World Free of Racism and Bullying

You're welcome to connect with me at

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