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Kimonos and Cornrows Coming Soon!

By Kinota Braithwaite, Anti-Racism and Anti-Bullying Youth Speaker

I'm excited to share some wonderful news with you. My new children's eBook, "Kimonos and Cornrows," is on its way due to completed by the end of October. This book is very close to my heart, as it's a story that celebrates diversity and the importance of embracing our uniqueness.

Kimonos and Cornrows
Kimonos and Cornrows

Discrimination is a real concern for some children in Japan who have both Japanese and African heritage.

Just recently in the news, a mixed-race high school student was unfairly kept from his graduation ceremony simply because of his cornrow hairstyle. This kind of discrimination is not right, and I want to do my part to raise awareness and provide positive representation.

"Kimonos and Cornrows" is a heartwarming children's eBook that tells the story of a young girl of Japanese and African Canadian heritage. Growing up in Japan with a Japanese mother and an African Canadian father, she faces a sense of not quite fitting in because of her unique hair, which sets her apart from her friends.

As parents, educators, and compassionate individuals, we have a duty to teach the next generation about the value of diversity and the beauty of being ourselves. It's vital to nurture children's open-mindedness and understanding in a world where differences should be celebrated.

Kimonos and Cornrows is more than just a book; it's a wonderful tool for educators to spark essential conversations about identity, self-expression, and respect for all cultures.

Let's Start a Dialogue:

Principals and Teachers, I extend a heartfelt invitation to engage in open conversations. Together, let's address concerns, exchange ideas, and craft experiences that transcend. Let's embark on a journey to enrich minds and create a lasting positive impact on the lives of students.

Warm regards,

Kinota Braithwaite

A Vision for a World Free of Racism and Bullying

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