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"Principal's Dilemma: Selecting Youth Speakers that Truly Engage – Here's How!

By Kinota Braithwaite, Author and Youth Speaker

As a youth speaker, I deeply understand the weight of the decisions principals face when selecting someone to address their students and staff. It's not merely an event; it's a decision that can significantly impact their reputation. Choosing the right speaker is crucial.

The Unspoken Reality:

The unspoken truth is crystal clear – no principal wants to take a chance on a speaker whose message falls flat.

This decision holds immense significance, and rightfully so. It's about more than just a presentation; it's about upholding the school's reputation, ensuring valuable experiences for students, and even addressing parental concerns.

What Others Share:

Claiming the ability to captivate young audiences is easy, but such claims require validation. Instead of relying solely on my words, let's listen real experiences from those who've been in the audience and to those who've firsthand experienced the impact of my books.

These testimonials stand as living proof that my approach is not just a pledge; it's a reality. As a youth speaker, I hold the responsibility of addressing students in high regard. It's about more than just speeches; it's about creating connections, igniting inspiration, and delivering messages that resonate on a meaningful level.

Let's Start a Dialogue:

Principals, I extend a heartfelt invitation to engage in open conversations. Together, let's address concerns, exchange ideas, and craft experiences that transcend. Let's embark on a journey to enrich minds and create a lasting positive impact on the lives of students.

Warm regards,

Kinota Braithwaite

A Vision for a World Free of Racism and Bullying

You're welcome to connect with me at

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