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Get "Mio's Wish - Digital School Edition" for your school!


Completing the activities in this package before Kinota visits your school is essential.


It helps students and teachers become familiar with the book's themes, characters, and messages, ensuring a more meaningful discussion during the visit.


This unique package includes an eBook, an interactive worksheet, and a lesson plan which you can print out for students to use.


It also comes with a valuable school license that authorizes up to 100 teachers to access and use the materials, making it an ideal choice for educational institutions.

These activities engage students actively, making the Kinota's visit a richer experience.


Additionally, having a school license means that well-prepared students can ask insightful questions and interact more meaningfully with Kinota.

It enhances their understanding and appreciation of 'Mio's Wish' and its themes of diversity and inclusion, making it a valuable educational resource for your school.

"Mio's Wish - Digital School Edition"

  • Format Details:

    • eBook: Provided in EPUB format for easy accessibility on various devices.
    • Lesson Plan & Worksheet: Available in PDF format for viewing, printing, and sharing among educators.

    License Info:

    • Users: Authorizes up to 100 teachers to access and use the materials.
    • Usage Rights: Educators can distribute materials to their students for educational purposes.
    • Restrictions: Limited to educational use within the school. No external distribution.
    • Technical Requirements: EPUB requires an eBook reader, and PDF can be viewed with any standard PDF reader.


    • For assistance or questions, our customer support team is available.
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