Kinota Braithwaite 
Creating A World Free of Racism and Bullying
Anti-Racism, Anti-Bullying Author & Youth Speaker

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion, Bullying Prevention, Social - Emotional Learning

Audience:  Students, Caring Adults, Teachers, Community Organizers

Format: (Keynote Presentation + Reading of One of Kinota's Books + Question and Answer)

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Learning Outcomes:

  • Help students and staff build a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion concepts

  • ​​​Share ways in which we can stop both racism and bullying in our communities

  • Provide students  and staff with strategies to sustain anti-bullying / anti-racism practices

  • Help your community celebrate the uniqueness of each individual

Reading of Mio The Beautiful - Nominated for a Sakura Medal Book Award and featured on the Canadian Embassy in Japan website. 

My mission in life is to create a world where children are accepted for who they are

Kinota has presented at:

Seisen International School
US Embassy Tokyo
Musashi University
morgan stanley
Roppongi Cooperative Playgroup
Tokyo English Life Line
British school
st marry
Lakeland University
Tokyo Association of Preschools

"Thank you Kinota for the wonderful presentation today. You have truly lit a fire at St. Mary's. I've heard from many teachers who are happily carrying on the discussion with their students”

Tammy Hays, Elementary School Librarian
St Mary's International School

"It made me really sad to hear about Kinota and Mio's experience but now I know what to do when I witness bullying - I have to stop them because who else is going to?"

Nina, Student

US Embassy Compound Tokyo

Past Events