Anti-Racism, Anti-Bullying Author & Youth Speaker

Creating a world free of racism and bullying

As someone with diverse experiences and a passion for bringing people together, Kinota knows from his own life experiences that conversations about racism and bullying can be difficult, but they need to happen.


He believes that when we speak to each other with respect and compassion, that we can deliver powerful change in ways that we never thought possible: 


Together, we can make this happen. 

Kinota helps students learn how to 


  • Unite as a community and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual 

  • Grow together and look past our differences in a way that makes us stronger

  • Learn how to help one another and how to guide the next generation


Recent Corporate Speaking Engagements

US Embassy Tokyo

Presented at the US Embassy

Musashi University

Presented at Musashi University

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Presented at Morgan Stanley Employee Network

DW News

Interviewed on DW News


Presented at the Tokyo American Club


Presented at Association of Montessori International

How can you help with this process?

Kinota gives talks designed to bring students from all walks of life together. When you’re ready to shape your students' lives in a positive way, he is right here to help. 

Keynote Presentation for Students, Caring Adults, and Teachers

Battling Bullying and Racism through Books - In-Person or Virtual Presentation

Kinota's Keynote presentation starts with the story of his African Canadian and Japanese daughter who experienced racial bullying at her Japanese elementary school because of her skin color. Throughout the presentation, Kinota shares ways to stop bullying and racism and helps us think about how we promote acceptance in our schools.


Takeaways from this presentation include:


  • Encouraging adults to help students to take purposeful steps toward anti-racism

  • Build a shared understanding of concepts related to race, racism, and anti-racism.

  • Provide strategies to sustain anti-bullying practices when responding to incidents of bullying

Included with every presentation is KINOTA'S ANTI-BULLYING AND RACISM RESOURCES


  • Lessons Plans 

  • Worksheets 

  • Unit Plans for Teachers

  • Songs for Students

  • Coloring Books for students

Presented at the Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP)

Tokyo Association of International Preschools

Review from Rebecca Marans
Head Teacher, DSC International School Hong Kong

Review from John Adduru President 
Tokyo Association of International Preschools

Praise for Mio The Beautiful from
JJ Walsh of Seek Sustainable Japan 

Written Reviews

"Conversations like these made me realize that racism is real because we hear from people who actually experience it. We can better empathize and do something about it."


US Embassy Compound Tokyo

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