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Creating A World Free of Racism and Bullying
Anti-Racism, Anti-Bullying Author & Youth Speaker

Looking Beyond Color:
An inspiring Anti-Racism & Anti-Bullying presentation for students, educators, staff, and caring adults. In this talk, Kinota shares his mission to create a world free of racism & bullying. 

Delivery Options: In Person, Live Stream over Zoom, Pre-Recorded

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion concepts

  • Provide strategies to sustain anti-bullying / anti-racism practices that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual

  • Discuss racism and bullying in an open and safe environment 

  • Celebrate others’ differences and similarities  

  • Become empowered to create an anti-racist, anti-bullying environment.



Thank you for the wonderful presentation today.  You have truly lit a fire at St. Mary's. 

I've heard from many teachers who are happily carrying on the discussion with their students. 

Thank you for keeping your promise to Mio!  I wish you much success.

Tammy Hays
St. Mary's International School Librarian

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