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KINOTA BRAITHWAITE -Diversity Author & Educator
 "A vision of classrooms where every student feels included, valued, and respected."

"Acclaimed anti-racism and anti-bullying diversity author and educator Kinota Braithwaite, renowned for his TV appearances on NHK World Japan, DW International News, and Ohayo Nippon, has earned recognition from the US Embassy Council for Diversity and Inclusion for his impactful contributions.


His work against racism and bullying has been featured in Tokyo Weekender, Toyokezai, Asahi Newspaper for Elementary School Students, InTouch Magazine, and the CCCJ magazine, underscoring his influence in these critical areas.

The catalyst for Kinota's writing and speaking career was a heartfelt response to bullying faced by his daughter Mio due to her skin color at her Japanese elementary school. This personal experience not only marked the start of his journey but also fueled his commitment to helping all children face and overcome similar challenges.


From elementary schools to Fortune 100 giants like Morgan Stanley, and prestigious universities such as Keio and The University of Tokyo, Braithwaite's engagements reflect his unique ability to connect with a diverse array of audiences, showcasing his exceptional adaptability and the universal resonance of his message. "


Invite Kinota to visit your school

Kinota's interactive presentation isn't just a talk - it's an immersive presentation,  that invites questions and fosters a deeper understanding of the topics of diversity and inclusion.



University of Tokyo
University of Tsukuba
Juntendo University
Lakeland University
Musashi University
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Tokyo American Club
Tokyo Association of International Preschools
AOBA Japan
Tokyo English Life Line
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Seisen International School

Promoting Diversity Through Story-Telling
Available In-Person or Online


What Your Students & Teachers Will Learn:

The Power of Stories: Discover how literature can combat discrimination and serve as a tool for positive change

Practical Strategies: Equip your students  & staff with actionable steps to create inclusive environments at school and beyond.

Building Stronger Communities: Kinota's message of acceptance resonates with people of all ages, fostering a culture of unity and understanding.

Program Descriptions:

  • Kindergarten to 1st Grade: "Author Meet and Greet", (20 minutes)

  • Elementary Students : "Mini Keynote Presentation", " Reading of one of Kinota's Books", "Q&A", (45 minutes)

  • Middle, High School, and University Students: "Keynote Presentation", "Interactive Discussion", (1 hour)

  • Additional Offerings for Educators: Kinota offers tailored workshops for educators, providing practical strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion in the classroom. (customized)

Teacher  Reviews


As a BONUS, your school will receive exclusive access to a range of digital resources.


  • Comprehensive worksheets

  • Detailed digital lesson plans, and unit plans

  • Ebook versions of all of Kinota's books

All are designed to extend the learning experience and integrate the presentation's themes into your diversity and inclusion curriculum.

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