Anti-Racism, Author
& Speaker

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Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism, Author & Speaker

Kinota Braithwaite is an Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism, Author & Speaker, who inspires audiences with his talks, author visits, and workshops.


Kinota speaks about how we can work together to stop racism and bullying to create a more peaceful and compassionate world.

After his daughter was bullied at her elementary school because of the color of her skin.


Kinota knew that he had to do something to stop racism and bullying so he wrote a book called “Mio The Beautiful” and he gives talks to spread the important message that children are beautiful regardless of their skin color.

Kinota is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and has been featured in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the Tokyo American Club Magazine.

Review from DSC International School in Hong Kong

Mio The Beautiful - A Sakura Medal Nominated Book


Find Out How Kinota's Anti-Racism & Anti Bullying Work can help you.

Kinota is available to give talks about anti-racism and anti-bullying in person or by using Zoom, Skype, or the organization's preferred meeting platform. 

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Kinota's interview with Deutsche Welle News



"Wonderful presentation by Kinota! He took a stand in a responsible and graceful manner to handle the sensitive issue of racism by educating the children, the teachers, and the parents"

Morgan Stanley Bank
Battling Bigotry Through Book Talk Participant

Appearances in the Media

Best seller

Mio The Beautiful 

Written in English and Japanese

Kinota's Anti-Bullying, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism book 

  • Nominated for a Sakura Book Medal Award


MIO THE BEAUTIFUL teaches us an important message that all children are beautiful regardless of their skin color.

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Kei The True Friend

Written in English and Japanese

Inspired by Kinota’s son Kei, who had trouble adjusting to life as a biracial child in Japan after living abroad.


KEI THE TRUE FRIEND gives a valuable lesson on the importance of friendship and helping students who are bullied.

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Mio's Wish: Growing Up Biracial in Japan

Written in English and Japanese

Kinota wrote Mio’s Wish which is the story of an African Canadian and Japanese girl growing up in Japan who is trying to find acceptance.