Kinota Braithwaite
Author Visit Program & Workshops 


Author Visit Program 

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, Kinota is available to meet in person in Tokyo, Yokohama and Chiba.  He can also provide virtual talks to students using Zoom, Skype, or the school’s preferred virtual meeting platform.

This program provides schools with the following.

  • A Personalized Google slides presentation 

  • Reading of his books followed by a question and answer session

  • Mio The Beautiful & Kei The True Friend Ebooks

  • Digital copies of Mio The Beautiful & Kei The True Friend Coloring Book

  • A diversity and inclusion lesson plan +  worksheet

  • Digital posters 

  • Access to a video reading of Kei The True Friend and Mio The Beautiful in Japanese and English

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops for Companies & Community Groups:

  • Interactive exercises

  • Resources

  • Breakout sessions

  • Question and Answer

Best seller

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Mio The Beautiful

Written in English and Japanese

Mio The Beautiful is a story about a Biracial Japanese girl who with the help of her kind and caring teacher confronts racism and bullying at her elementary school in Japan.

This story was written by Mio's father to convey an important message that all children are beautiful regardless of their skin color.

It is also very practical in nature because it models for teachers, parents, and children how they can solve the problem of racist bullying in Japanese schools.

優しく理解ある教師に助けられながら、人種差別やいじめに立ち向かう日本の小学生の物語「ミオ ザ ビューティフル みおちゃんの物語」。”全ての子供は肌の色に関係なく美しい”という大切なメッセージを伝えたい想いから、アフリカ系カナダ人の父親が娘のために書いた一冊である。

日本の学校で、今、起きている人種差別やいじめの問題を、どう対処するべきか― 教師や親、子供たちそれぞれの視点から語られる本作は、実際の教育現場で教材としても役立つ内容となっている



African Canadian Children's Book Author and Educator in Japan

Kinota Braithwaite is an author and international school educator who lives in Kugenuma, Japan. He wrote the story of Mio The Beautiful to help his biracial Japanese daughter Mio regain her confidence and find her inner strength after some children at her school bullied her because of her skin color.


Kei The True Friend 

Written in English and Japanese

This story was inspired by my biracial Japanese and African Canadian son Kei who initially has

trouble adjusting to life in Japan after moving to Japan from Canada. 

I created this beautiful book, to help children see that there’s always room to include others. The story is a great lesson in the importance of friendship, in helping children who are bullied or more shy students, and how small acts of kindness can make all the difference.





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