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It's easy to blame the Japanese educational system, but that won't bring about positive change!

In Japan, tackling bullying, is a significant challenge for everyone. As a teacher myself, I understand the complexities of the system and firmly believe that solely blaming schools or educators won't solve the problem.

When I found out that my daughter was being bullied because of her skin color, I will readily admit that I had felt that the school had failed her.

However fortunately, a hero emerged and that was her school principal. Mio's principal at her Japanese elementary school wasted no time addressing the racial bullying issue. He recognized the severity of such discrimination, and he promptly intervened by informing the parents involved and ensuring that the racial bullying would not persist.

I clearly remember the words of her wonderful principal, he said SKIN COLOR? He kept saying they are bullying her because of her SKIN COLOR this is NOT acceptable and must stop now!

His immediate and decisive action truly highlights the crucial role that school leadership plays in creating a safe and inclusive environment, free from both bullying and racial discrimination. Without his help and action the bullying would have continued and I am forever grateful for his actions.

However, Mio's teacher, who I respect a lot, found herself in unfamiliar territory when it came to addressing racial issues. This led me to contribute to the solution by creating a resource for teachers – a book called Mio The Beautiful where the central theme revolves around tackling both bullying and racial challenges.

My goal in creating this book called Mio The Beautiful is to provide educators with practical insights and tools to address not only conventional bullying but also the nuanced issues of racial discrimination.

And hey, if you're interested in checking out my books and diving deeper into the conversation, you can find them here on Amazon. Also, don't miss the article on NHK Ohayo Nippon for more insights.

Let's spread the message together!

Kinota Braithwaite

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